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​​​​​too fang skinny international is the internet home for the horrible guy and the whole horrible guy family. here you will find a collection of hand selected really super boss products. available here

featuring the popular horrible guy and members of the horrible guy family. time tested and crowd pleasing. you'll enjoy collectors favorites like: connie the skeleton waitress, billy the claw, glen, sack-head, the generic alien, a disembodied head in the desert and many many many many more.

we know that your time is valuable and you could be on any internet web site right now, but you're not, you're here, right here with us. we are thankful for this like you would not believe. taking time outta your busy day to day and visiting us here at too fang skinny international is a very special relationship for which the staff and management, from CEO to walter, who was just hired in the janitorial dept.( our entry level position. we always promote from within )we strongly feel that if someone can clean up the mess we create on a daily basis around here, that's someone with back bone. that's someone looking to make a positive change, that's someone with ambition, that's someone with a strong stomach. all attributes admired greatly within the TFS organization.  

we all thank you for sharing this cyberspace moment with us. it means more than you could possibly ever know. 

too fang skinny international always, always, always welcomes you here. your prayers, your concerns, your questions, your favorite recipes, your soothing touch, your understanding, your savings account pin number, your undying love, your lingering gaze, and your life long friendship are all we ask. so please take a moment, pour yourself a glass of tonic, draw a bath, or sit by a fire and while you're there, relaxed for whatever the evening may bring, shop the vast array of top quality super boss products offered by the too fang skinny organization.

please always remember, at too fang skinny, the quality goes in before the name goes on. 

​thank you again for your continued love and support. 

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