​​​​​too fang skinny international is the internet home for the horrible guy and the whole horrible guy family of lovable urchins . here you will find a collection of hand selected really super boss products. available here

featuring the popular horrible guy and members of the horrible guy family. time tested and crowd pleasing. you'll enjoy children's favorites like: connie the skeleton waitress, billy the claw, glen, sack-head, the generic alien, a disembodied head in the desert and of course the horrible guy himself, plus many many many many more.

we know that your time is valuable and you need clothing and other things. thats exactly why we are providing this service to you, so you don't even have to leave your house to obtain some ultra cool super boss swingin' stuff from our delightful red bubble shop. you see that red button that says shop? click that and be transported into a magical wonderland of authorized too fang skinny products, hand selected for a guy or a gal on the go.

this is who we are.


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a few words about too fang skinny..........

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